HGPowerStation – mobile pure sine AC power anywhere

Turning away from heavy, loud, and maintenance-intensive gasoline power generators to light, modern, silent and maintenance free Battery Power Station.

HG Power offers a very compact but highly portable solution of independent energy on the go, without generating any emissions. Proven quality combined with sophisticated, robust design, perfectly thought out by our engineering. The core of the power pack, the long-lasting Li-Ion battery pack with cells from well-known manufacturers such as LG or Samsung convinces every user. The LCD display precisely indicates the power consumption and battery level. A highlight of the product is the stable 230V AC sine voltage with up to 1,000W continuous power. The largest model PPS-240-230 is able to supply a 100W device for full 24 hours or with the 1KW device for almost 2.5 hours with AC voltage. The HGPowerStation is easy to recharge by the separate power device, by the 24V vehicle electrical system or via PV input for connecting optional solar panel. Thanks to theirs robust and reliable design, the powerstations are well made to power smartphones, tablets and measuring devices outdoors. These are exactly the same properties which make these devices ideal for heavy industrial use such as breakdown and rescue services, use on construction sites and much more. Of course, all devices coming along with the mandatory safety certificates and approvals for use on the European market. Please find a comparison table for all models here: HGPowerStation-english

  • Robust aluminium body
  • LCD display for power consumption and charge status
  • 4 USB-A sockets
  • 1 USB-C socket supporting PD up to 45W max.
  • 1 12V car lighter socket
  • 4 different models with Energy from 1.2kW to 2.4kWh
  • High quality Lithium cells from LG resp. Samsung inside
  • Reliable and safe charging and battery management
  • Professional pure sine inverter with 1kW continuous power
  • 2 Schuko mains sockets
  • Overload protection